All the hydro-extractors manufactured by Pozzi can  be equipped with a GYROSPIN system for automatic balancing.
This sophisticated piece of equipment is able to balance automatically eventual imbalances that could appear in the rotating load. It often happens,  especially when certain loose materials, bags and loose fibres are loaded, and/or when the material inside the equipment is not well distributed.
During the hydro-extraction process this lack of balance in the load creates vibrations that could reach dangerous levels, consequently stopping or damaging the machine itself. Moreover, when the material is not well distributed along the perimeter of the basket, it often happens that it is impossible to complete the cycle according to the set parameters.
Materials which are hydro-extracted at different speeds and then dried can create real problems.
In fact, if the material that has to be dried is not humid in a uniform way, the final product coming out of the drying chamber will present noticeable differences in its uniformity regarding its relative humidity, thus creating important problems in the following processes.
The new GYROSPIN, installed in POZZI hydro-extractors, is able to solve this problem in a simple and elegant manner: after the loading has been carried out, even if there is a lack of uniformity in the distribution, the machine will be able to complete its centrifugal cycle without problems.

Always in shape
The machine is equipped with a detecting apparatus of the radial accelerations; the signal generated by this accelerometer is analysed by a microprocessor able to quantify the imbalance value and capable to identify precisely the radial position in which this imbalance is acting on the basket. At this point, a new system that handles the generation of mobile masses  provides the creation of a balancing load in the position which is right opposite to where the imbalance has been detected.
Once the machine rotation has been brought back into balance it is possible to continue with the hydro-extraction process until the natural end of the cycle, thus obtaining a perfect response of the material to the
required parameters . Once the cycle comes to an end the temporary masses created by the system to obtain the perfect balance will be eliminated in an automatic way and the machine will be ready for a new operation.

Some of the advantages of the application are evident: the lack of vibrations permits the machine to always complete its cycle correctly, but the absence of significant
imbalance forces during the rotation allows for longer lifetime of  the machine and also the mechanical elements controlling  the rotation are not put under heavy stress.
The process is far more noiseless  and the lack of re-adjusted manual intervention on the load allows for saving of
the operator's time and for  an increase of machine productivity.
The product at the end of the centrifugal process will always be in line with the parameters, so that the machine functions smoothly as far as the hydro- extraction system is concerned. Furthermore, it will guarantee that the parameters of humidity of the finished product correspond exactly too.

Safety first
Finally, it is important to stress  the exceptional increase in the level of safety in  hydro-extractors equipped with the GYROSPIN system. In fact, anyone who has been near a machine with serious imbalance during its rotation knows perfectly what this can mean.

‘In a flash’ intervention
The system works on the machine when it is operating, actually while the vibrations are generated. This means that the system is able to intervene in those cases where the imbalance is not present at the beginning of the process of hydro-extracting, but rather results from a movement or a breakage of the material during the same operation, which often happens in loose fibre hydro-extraction. In this case, as soon as the vibration is detected by the sensor in charge, the machine intervenes, progressively reducing the danger of the vibrations themselves.

How it works

A : DSP Microcontroller
B : Hydroextractor Body
C : Unbalanced Load
D : Maximum Unbalance Position
E :Rotatable Basket
F : Balancing Actuator
G : Temporary Masses
H: Accelerometer
I : Angular Position Sensor

When the load of the hydro extractor results as being imbalanced as in C, the accelerometer H sends a signal proportional to the imbalance to the micro controller A, which uses this information supplied by the sensor of position 1 and calculates the intensity and the radio position of it.
If the imbalance is more than the pre-established minimum threshold limit, the A control intervenes on the actuators F in a way in which temporary masses are generated, and positioned in the sectors diametrically opposite to the angular position of the same imbalance. The entity of the balancing masses is automatically determined by the micro controller A utilizing an adaptative algorithm in a control loop with negative feedback.
When the unbalancing decreases, the controller continues to keep the situation under control without making any further intervention.


  • Sensitivity to vibrations or: 0-2.5G
  • Maximum imbalance of charge admissible: depending on the hydro-extractor diameter
Available Alarms :
  • Stop hydro extractor on exceeding the maximum threshold
  • Alarm of speed integration
  • Alarm of excessive vibration on Z-axis
  • Alarm sensors auto diagnostic
  • Alarm actuators auto diagnostic
  • RPM rotation of the baskets
  • Entity of imbalance
  • Actuators' operation
Optional elements :
  • Calculation and display of position and weight of re-balancing masses to be inserted for manual intervention outside the range of action of the automatic system.