BCV Vertical dyeing machines

There are two fundamental elements in the Pozzi philosophy in the production of machines for dyeing.

• Maximum productive capacity and reduction of consumptions
• Ease of usage of the machine to eliminate errors

These two concepts are often difficult to combine and it often seems that even though the market has come up with an increase in performance there is the problem of an augmented dyeing risk. All the technological developments which Pozzi has invested in in the last few years have tried to put together a successful blending of these elements. We have created technologies able to dramatically reduce consumption and times of production, without having to breach that narrow boundary, beyond which a high price can be paid for a small mistake.
Dyeing without water is impossible however using the indispensable minimum is a "must". The new SYNCHROWASH technology introduced by Pozzi is applicable on all our vertical machines; it allows savings of water which can reach 50%. This result is obtained without compromising the safety of the repeated production cycles; in actual fact it even improves it.
The parameter "efficiency" should not be calculated only on the duration of the cycle or on the consumption, but on the continuity and safety as far as the performance of the machines are concerned day by day.
the constructin of a vertical machine allows the implementation of the SYNCHROWASH technology. this fact enhances the performance of vertical machines where reactives, VAT or direct dyes are employed.
Intelligent machines
Every machine has a soul. An absurd statement but in effect rather close to reality when one thinks of the sophistication of control systems which are available. The insertion of a little data is sufficient to allow the machine to regulate itself and maximize the quality of the final result, reducing its consumption.
Extreme versatility
Full load or half load? Bobbins, loose textiles, tops or warp beams? A machine for all seasons, able to adapt to the needs of the moment, maintaining all the same the maximum efficiency in all occasions.
A machine built to deal with diverse needs combining maximum simplicity.
Fully flooded or air pressurized?
The majority of Pozzi machines can be realized in both versions according to the requirements of the customer to cope with the most difficult Indanthrene in the best way, the brightest reactive or the least expensive disperse. A final result always produced with the maximum safety and the minimum amount of resources.
Sophisticated and punctual controls
Repeatable and certain final results mark the difference. Automatic flowrate and pH controls, differential pressure meters, up to the realtime control of spectrophotometric curves in the circulating bath. This is our way to eliminate many of the question marks which emerge in the Art of dyeing, a process which is always in need of more and more standards of excellence and quality.



a Syncrowash BCV machine

BCV plant

vertical dyeing plant

BCV plant

double-deck carrier BCV plant