AR-TV Rapid dryers

The rapid dryer is by far the fastest and most productive drying system available and it requires the least amount of labor. On this machine, which is pressurized at more than 5 bars, the possibility of moving "heavy air" enables a considerable amount of energy to be transferred to the yarn in a very limited amount of time. This supply of thermal and mechanical energy is sufficient to replace the hydroextracting phase completely so no handling at all is needed for the packages of yarn.    
Drying takes place in two phases:
  • Initially, the thermo-blowing group is prepared under pressure and, when the material is introduced, The mechanical action of compressed air performs a squeezing action on the yarn .The first phase of drying is therefore fulfilled wit no heating.
  • Moisture is then eliminated in the second phase by evaporation: The hot and dry air circulation through the material, always kept under pressure, absorbs moisture which is then removed by condensation in the cooling section. Before being recirculated, air is again brought to high temperature .
When Drying is completed, before removing the material, the group thermo-blowing is separated from the rest of the circuit and therefore remains under pressure, ready for the next operation and saving energy.


two AR-TV pressure dryers