MAS Beam Dyeing Machine

a novel approach to beam dyeing.
Pozzi re-thougt the beam dyeing machine when MAS was introduced. all the experience accumulated in the production of yarn dyeing was transferred to this technology that has apparently remained still for 20 years.
the new approach generated a machine which is now based on the following concepts:

  • Large diameter beams: Thinner wrapping thicknesses are involved and this provides appreciable advantages for the dimensional stability of the load, for the resulting quality of the dye and for the effectiveness of the washes carried out. When the fabric is beamed on large diameters, there is a reduction in the number of overlapping layers, as result there is scant variation in the sizing of the innermost layers and the outer ones. 
  • This means that dyeing conditions can be better checked: all layers are treated in the same way and so there is no change of head and tail occurring. The reduced thickness which the dye liquor has to cross leads to a reduction in the necessary pressure difference, thus allowing more compact items to be dyed without any problems of centre-selvedge.
  • Compressed air pressurization: No wastage: the immersed volumes decrease and it is even possible to dye with little dye liquor even in an autclave: ratios lower than 1:5 may be easily obtained with many articles.
  • Compared with a traditional machine, consumption of steam  is reduced accordingly. Compressed air pressurization also allows the elimination of the static pump and also the relative consumption: the electric power absorbed by the motor, steam and water needed in heating and cooling dye liquor recycle.
  • Dye liquor space reducer: Small dye liquor ratios are obtained only by eliminating dead volumes: the inside of the beam occupied by a dye liquor reduction unit fixed to the bottom of the dyeing boiler which causes a sharp reduction in the dye liquor content without in any way jeopardizing the smooth running of the machine.
  • Adjustment of pressure differential: This device allows the circulation pump's capacity to be adjusted automatically to the type and quantity of fabric to be treated, the pump's inverter control always allows the latter to run as efficiently as possible with a subsequent saving of power consumption.    The device also allows the pump to be started up gradually when the machine is being filled, thus providing advantages for the stability of the winding and avoiding the creation of air bubbles.
  • The possibility of monitoring the capacity parameters even when the batch is being changed allows you to work with greater consistency, thus ensuring a sound end result when loads and type of fabric being treated are changed.
  • Counter pressure valve: The special counter pressure valve and the totally controlled flow of dye liquor allow a better initial de-aeration of the fabric.    As a result: less risk of stains and greater winding stability.
  • Metered additions: Dyestuffs and the like are introduced into the dye bath according to a programme so as to avoid chemical shock and to improve the machine's repeatability.    The metering system allows the products which are introduced to be measured and their feed time controlled by an electromagnetic flowmeter.
Automatic lid: Totally automatic lid opening and closing on diameters greater than 1200 mm.
 Closing the lid automatically seals of the inside of the beam without the need of manual operations and with the guarantee of a perfect seal.


a beam dyeing machine with the extracted beam


large double-beam machine