Contrary to other "fully saturated steam” technologies, AQuafix© solves the problem of
intermediate vacuum water boiling by extracting the water from the airless autoclave, saving energy
and allowing for a lower content of air in the yarn: this process produces perfectly uniform
distribution of the humidity inside each bobbin.
Important advantages:
● No splashes of water are deposited on the material.
● No problems with mildew or differential dyeing in spot-wetted areas.
● The water transferred to the pressurized side-tank maintains its temperature.
● Still hot, this water is later re-introduced in the machine, thus:
 Guaranteed absolute uniformity of treatment

A high initial vacuum and a strict
control of the saturation level are
necessary to have steam performing
like an ideal condensing gas: for every
working pressure, all treated yarn must
reach one and one only temperature.

High reproducibility of results

The results of the operation depend Reduced process time
exclusively on the system. The control
equipment is the master of the situation
with no limitation on type or number of
executable programs.

Reduced process time

Removing the need to evaporate water
means flashing vacuum operations:
process time is reduced together with
normal wear and tear.

Why Aquafix?

All technologies adopted to quickly condition textile fibers must
guarantee the most even deposit of humidity in the processed
yarn, i.e. they must not exceed the natural characteristics of
absorption of the treated fiber and they must maintain a
controlled temperature of operation in order not to impair the
operability of the wax which might be present in the yarn :
A result which may only be guaranteed with
total air removal.