SOLVITEX automatic dye dissolving and distribution


Automatic dye dissolving and distribution system.

Dye dissolving is a main aspect in dyeing batch preparation; different types of dyestuffs need completely different parameters for their dissolving. Even only partially respecting these parameters can cause physical and chemical reactions whose negative results can affect the reliability of the dyeing. For example, some common problems can be hydrolysis in reactive dyes or the lower dispersion and clotting in VAT and disperse dyes.

SOLVITEX is a technology, conceived and created by Pozzi, suitable for the optimization of the dissolving and distribution operations of dyestuffs. The structure is basically composed of two units completely made of stainless steel: the dissolving unit and the distribution line to machines.

The dissolving unit is composed up of one or two tanks (which can, optionally, work simultaneously), a group of valves and a sending group.
The dissolving tank is built in such a way that the typical problems of the traditional dissolving systems are avoided. To bypass the risk of deposit or stagnation of dyes after dissolving, and to have the most effective washing operation, the following solutions have been adopted:
  • Electro-polishing of the inner surfaces of the tank that eliminates the sticking of the dyestuff to the wall.
  • External Heating system designed to reach immediately operative conditions.
  • Mixer with open impeller so as to avoid the dyestuff deposits.
  • Spraying ring for internal wall washing.
  • Special rotating device for lid washing.
  • Conically shaped bottom with self-emptying collector for sending group connection.

The sending group is made up of a centrifugal pump, able to develop a nominal delivery of 160 L/min at a pressure of 5 Bar. The dissolving unit is completed with a flow meter for water inlet control.

The distribution line is composed of a monopipe architecture, realized with polished stainless steel pipes, and a series of pneumatic 3-way valves for dyeing machines selection.
The maximum distance between sending group and machine to be served is more than 400 mt. This feature makes the SOLVITEX easy to install in working dye houses and always expansible in the future.
For the installation of the distribution line, no weldings or threaded joints are used, but only press-fit type joints that are crimped with a special tool; this solution avoids the risk of deposits of dyestuff and makes the line easy to be washed.
The SOLVITEX management foresees the automatic setting, in each cycle, of the following parameters:
  • Amount of water for dissolving
  • Dissolving temperature
  • Mixing time
  • Quantity of water for washing operations
The automatic sequence of dissolving and distribution operations is managed by the DOSATEX software allowing the optimization of the cycle times of SOLVITEX, by controlling and planning its working according to production needs.
It is also possible to interface it with the assisted weighing unit COLORTEX and with the SAFETEX identification system. SAFETEX manages completely safe operations, thanks to its possibility to code and electronically identify the dyestuffs to be weighed and link the recipe dissolving and distribution operation to a dyeing lot, to a machine and to a particular operator.


single tank model


double-tank model

Dissolving tank

easy cleaning