RCR® Heat Recovery System from Effluents

RCR : Heat Recovery for Sustainability
Made entirely of 316 L stainless steel, the self-cleaning RCR rotating heat recovery system has overwhelmingly won worldwide recognition as the most efficient heat exchanger for dirty effluents thanks to its innovative concept and design. Rotation allows for the cleanliness of the heat exchanging discs responsible for continuos efficient transfer of the heat from incoming discharged fluids. Little or no maintenance is needed due to the lack of the so-called ‘fouling’ problem.
RCR is an ever-green, patented, sustainable technology with several application fields, such as food processing (juices, meat and poultry, almonds, tomatoes, grains, dairy etc.), tank cleaning, PET recycling, breweries, pharmaceutical processing, pulp and paper, sewage for biological sumps, petroleum/chemical processing/refining.
Several thousand units have already been sold all over the world, proving RCR to be an established product effectively contributing to fewer CO2 emissions and reduced thermal pollution.
For more info and a view on possible applications visit our dedicated web site www.pozzienergy.it

RCR 30

a single-rotor exchanger

RCR rotor

the heart of the system

RCR 60

twin-rotor unit

RCR interior

rotor and baffles


motor side

RCR plant

RCR connected to a continuous washing machine