LAB-ATEX - Solvent washing apparatus for medical fibres

Responding to the latest needs for special machinery to treat technical textile fibres, POZZI LEOPOLDO has designed and manufactured a new washing apparatus for medical fibres made of polymers of jaluronic acid to be treated with solvents such as acetone, methyl or ethyl alcohol.
In order to comply with the strictest ATEX regulations and pharmaceutical/medical requirements, this machine is equipped with a sophisticated automatic control system for both local and remote monitoring. Every component being ATEX certified, the apparatus allows for treatment with variable flow and corresponding adequate heating/cooling with autonomous regulation.
This apparatus is an example of special machinery meant for treatment of technical textiles with either water or solvent, with or without ATEX or medical certifications.


Jaluronic fiber washing machine

LAB-ATEX installation

Unit for the production of Jaluronic yarn


Solvent washing machine