ROTATING Heat Recovery System

RHeX & RCR: the Heat Exchangers specially designed to recover heat from dirty effluents

The ultimate  heat exchanger for heat recovery must be able to:
  • Perform with highly mechanically polluted discharge waters
  • Minimize, if not eliminate, maintenance costs;
  • Easily connect to the machines to which it is applied, whichever thermal characteristics they may have.
POZZI  has designed RCR: a self-cleaning heat exchanger which to these days has proven to be the most efficient of its kind. In 2016, its new advanced evolution has been patented and is now marketed.
 RCR: patents and  certificates by independent energy organizations
Certified by various independent energy organizations, the rotating exchanger has already been sold by the thousands all over the world, especially, but not only, in the textile industry.

It consists of a stainless-steel baffled tank with a small motor on its outside which is responsible for the non-stop rotation of a stainless-steel central hollow rotor  to allow for the free flowing of clean water inside of it. Such water is pre-heated by the  hot and dirty effluent counter-flowing inside the tank, yet outside the rotor.
The rotation of the shaft onto which the heat exchanging steel discs are mounted creates a turbulence which helps increasing the thermal exchange and a centrifugal force which keeps the unit self-cleaning, fouling-free and, practically, maintenance-free as well. These advantages result in a constantly highly efficient unit that guarantees averagely over 70% energy saving with no hustle.
 The following video shows a brand new Rotating Exchanger at work:
After one year recovering heat from dirty effluents in a textile facory, it looks like this:


It is obvious that the fixed surfaces such as the tank, the baffles, etc. have been subjected to heavy fouling which would have clogged any other static-type exchanger.
On the contrary, the rotor of RCR, which is the only actual heat exchanging element of the system,  is still perfectly clean, guaranteeing continuous efficiency throughout time.