Energy Efficiency Consulting

For Energy Auditing on existing plants
  •   analysis of all necessary supply networks with checking of the dimensioning of the water distribution, energy fluids distribution;
  •   analysis of the production procedures (dyeing programs) to determine their energy-compliant characteristics.
  •   production of a software model of the plant daily running to determine analytically the sink and source profile of the utilities involved.
  •   analysis of water and energy consumption (water, steam, etc.) with special focus on their optimization and proposal  for possible recovery;
  •   dynamic dimensioning of water energy and effluent requirements
  •   characterization and dimensioning of drain collecting pipelines;
  •   technical and financial analyses of possible energy recovery investments;
  •   study of possible effluent heat recovery for further optimizing energy consumption with suggestion of necessary instruments/materials;
  •   study of possible automatic systems for process optimization with suggestion of necessary instruments/materials;
  •   proposed layouts for energy recovery equipment
  •   assistance during installation and start-up of the plant

What you get
  •   fully organized written report on actual energy profiling
  •   suggestions on process optimization
  •   suggestions on modification of water and drainage management
  •   financial analysis of possible energy recovery investments
  •   drawings for energy recovery integration in the plant.