CEL/CES-CR Removable Basket Hydro-Extractors

Open rim Centrifugal Hydroextractor for removable baskets

Productive Versatility
This extremely versatile and straightforward machine represents an optimal combination as far as quality, usage and price are concerned. It is a hydro-extractor with fixed basket, which, being open-rimmed, is able to receive moveable containers and elastic containers for the treatment of yarn in any textile form: hanks, cakes, muffs and packages. The particular configuration of the open-rimmed basket makes the loading and unloading operations much easier. It also allows for the introduction of a container of the same diameter of the basket, which can be rigged up in different configurations to receive textile products in various forms.
Stability and low maintenance
One fundamental characteristic of a hydro-extractor is its stability and resistance to oscillating vibrations.
All POZZI machines are characterized by a particularly low centre of gravity and by a specific geometry of suspension which guarantees an extraordinary balance and a long working life. The configuration which has been adopted for the system of lubrication of the machine ensures straightforward usage and bare minimum maintenance.
The hydro-extractor is fitted with  a positive-action blocking system lid which needs to be driven by craneì. A mechanical device ensures a perfect closure. The safety of the machine is also guaranteed by the presence of devices, which conform to CE guidelines. The machine is fitted with an alarm system to control the vibrations with an emergency arrest in the case of excessive vibrations.
The CEL hydro-extractor can be also equipped with Gyrospin: a system of self-balance, with the ability to balance the unbalanced loads dynamically.
Motorization for every requirement
The rotation of the basket, which in the basic version is driven by a hydrostatic clutch, in the model CEL-AC is by means of an inverter and a standard AC motor. This version not only maintains the operative characteristics of the base model CEL unchanged, but it is studied in such a way that it overcomes all the problems deriving from the use of a traditional mechanical transmission as well.
In fact, the inverter ensures that the speed of the rotation of the basket can be varied and pre-selected, excluding at the same time not only the mechanical brake group, but  the clutch joint as well .
The start-up of the machine, the reaching of the pre-selected speed, the duration of hydro-extraction and the braking, all take place in a completely automatic sequence. Moreover, the use of the inverter allows the basket to rotate even at low speeds in both directions, in order to make the loading and unloading operations easier.
The inverter model, controlling in a precise way the absorption, allows for an unlimited number of starts and braking per hour, thus making the machine more versatile, more reliable and in need of bare minimum  maintenance.
The machine is available also in the high-speed version model CEL-AV –AC.
Another option of controlling the machine is by means ofa group of DC motorization. In this case one has the possibility of recovering the energy which is developed in the machine during the braking process. This allows an energy "bonus" and important savings.
Moreover, all of our models can be fitted with a system of hydrostatic transmission. This configuration has the advantage of making the machine compatible with even difficult work environments, like potentially explosive ones.

CEL-CR is a hydro-extractor designed for the treatment of colums of bobbins.
Inverter driven, it employs a ramp-step motion control system to minimize the deforming action of centrifugal force on the material.
The hydro is equipped with a special removable carrier to slash dead times: loading and unloading of the bobbins can be performed with the machine in operation.
the carrier is composed of a series of flexible and outward sliding spindles to accept the bobbins transferred from the dyeing carrier.
The inner surface of the basket is modeled in a seres of cradles which contain the bobbins during the rotation of the basket; this containment , toghether with the elasticity of the spindles permits high speed hydroextraction with minimal deformation of the bobbins.
the machine can be integrated in a fully robotized handling system.       


removable basket machine

removable basket

split-body model

Elastic-band baskets

automatically handled by a POZZI robot crane


bobbin column hydro-extractor