P-TEX Powder dyestuff weighing system


Powder dyestuff weighing system

The aim of the PTEX project was to produce a piece of equipment markedly different from those available on the market, in that it had to be more straightforward and more robust. Every characteristic has been studied to make it suitable for every type of industrial environment giving it a great loading capacity and simple maintenance and control operations.
The initial aim has been successfully achieved without compromising the capacity of the machine in the precision of the equipment, it is in fact possible to control the weight up to a 1/100th of a gram.
Completely in stainless steel
Every structural characteristic of the new PTEX is in stainless steel; making it built to last and also suitable for every industrial environment. The silos for the products have been planned accurately in order to withstand big depressions in a way that the loading operation is speeded up. They are also suitable to hold whatever type of material. The parallelepiped shape of the silos means that it is possible to utilize a cochlea which covers all the depth of them, almost eliminating the risk of the formation of platforms. The silos are available in different sizes to fit the requirements of the customer, up to 170 litres, in this way they can cover a large range of applications.
Special silos for liquids and paste can be mounted on the same structure of distribution guaranteeing the maximum versatility of the machine in this way.
Simplicity and modularity
The silos are built in a totally independent way one from the other, and can be put in the structure in predetermined positions with great facility. The process of: removing and substituting the storage containers is a simple operation and this also allows the immediate re-use-of the machine, thus eliminating eventual maintenance operations. Simplicity means also a minimization of times of installation and starting up of the equipment. PTEX is sent to the customer pre-mounted in transportable blocks, and therefore long operations of alignment and starting up are not necessary, unlike machines of more complex structure.
In PTEX all the operations of movement and control are concentrated in one transferable conveyor only which includes the control panel of weighing and movement. The most obvious advantage of this arrangement is to minimize the length of the cables which enables the machine to be much less sensitive to environmental interference. The transferable conveyor moves on rails which are firmly fixed to the structure of the machine thus obtaining a total insulation from vibrations and guaranteeing a greater precision as far as weighing is concerned.
The simplification of the machine has been obtained through a reduction in the number of components which are necessary for its functioning, also: an accurate design allows the integration of the operations of the opening of the cochlea, dosage command and the suction in one block only which is fixed on the front conveyor with weighing machine carrier. This conveyor is the only moving part.
On the same structure of the conveyor there is a system of filtration of the dispersed dust, eliminating in this way piping, flexible cables and auxiliary apparatus which generally contribute to reducing the reliability of an automatic machine.
The compactness of the mounted structures on the conveyor allows the complete pre-assembly of the machine in our productive units, and this is translated in quick and simple installations at our customers.
Technology for safety
The utilization of radiofrequency TAG for the silos identification guarantees absolute safety in the operations without the necessity of installing expensive automatic valves and the relative operating plant. The operator can carry out the load of a particular silos only after the system has electronically controlled the correct identity.
The same system can optionally be applied to the final product of the machine, the weighing container can be identified through a system of writing by radio frequency and the operator can use a special hand scanner to identify the content.

P-Tex dispenser

the dispenser without handling automation

P-Tex and auto-handling

P-Tex installed in a complete dosing, storage and dissolution plant for dyestuffs

P-Tex dispenser

screw dispenser detail