DOSATEX Dispensing and Distribution system

Liquid dispensing and total dyehouse control

DOSATEX is a single piece of equipment composed of a software core and a liquid-dosing unit, that manages all dyehouse needs, from dyeing recipes to online supervision and to metering of the distribution of chemicals. The dosing unit is composed of a product selection and metering block, which are designed to include the best performing metering technology avaiable on the market, together with the
maximum ease of maintenance and low footprint. DOSATEX emplyos a Coriolis effect mass meter and a mono pipe distribution system. The meter measures actual mass of the products being dosed and it is, thus, completely unaffected by issues of elder technologies of volume metering such as density variations, thermal expansion and high speed related inaccuracies.

 The exclusive cluster disposition of the product selection valves drammatically simplifies maintenance while creating the highest possible safety condition even when incompatible chemicals are used. In fact, safety in a dispensing system is an absolute must, and the multi-wall design of the product selection block is the best guarantee for no contamination of fluids.

The high-performance positive displacement lobe pump which is used for product dispending can reach a flow-rate of 100 kg/min and its rotation speed is tuned automatically with the use of an inverter drive to best suit dosing precision requirements, guaranteeing speed and precision at the same time. Furthermore, the system features an exclusive automatic preventive maintenance system, which keeps valves under constant monitoring, not only sensing the actual position of the valve but also the time and speed that the valve itself needs in order to perform a movement. In this way DOSATEX can detect a potential problem long before the actual breakdown occours, thus reducing to the minimum the downtime of the dispensing system. The software component of DOSATEX allows the dyer to create and edit a recipe file into  which he can insert chemical products , with the appropriate timing according to the requests during the dyeing machine cycle, also having the possibility to insert repetable portions of recipes in automated procedures. But this is only a small portion of the potential of the management system. In fact, the software can import pre-made recipes from other systems and can be connected to a centralized host system in order to work as a slave of the host controller, for a complete automated dyehouse procedure. DOSATEX is already interfaced with the most renowned centralized host systems such as Sedomaster from Barco-Sedo, Orgatex from Setex, or Arad-Software from Arel. Semplicity of use and an intuitive graphical user interface make DOSATEX an efficient tool that can be used by all the operators even with minumum technical training, making it easily fittable to all already existing dyehouse realities. With just one glance to the computer screen, the operator can get all the information regarding the dispensing operations and queues due, for the DOSATEX liquid dispensing system and for all the subsystems connected to the network. In fact the DOSATEX software controls all the other Pozzi equipments like the SALTEX salt dispensing, the SOLVITEX dyestuff dissolution system, or the PTEX powder automated weighting system. The software package is also including a teleservicing module that allows real-time monitoring and diagnostic for a quick and efficient support.

Dosatex liquid chemical dosing

product selector and tank farm

Product selection group

sensor-equipped valves

Coriolis meter

mass metering of products