PATERNOSTER Automatic rotating warehouse


Automatic rotating warehouse

This equipment is designed to store, in a reduced space, tanks, boxes or any other kind of packagecontaining powder dyestuffs.
A correct storage of powders is a must in a dye-house where productivity, automation and high safety standards have to meet the requirements of limited floor space.
Our PATERNOSTER rotating warehouse can be included into an automatic dosing system without the burden of added complexity and cost required by an automatic powder dispensing system.

In fact the use of this machine, integrated into a COLORTEX system for assisted dyes weighing and an automatic dissolving/dispensing unit can guarantee:
- Absolute certainty of correct dyestuff selection.
- Accurate computer check weight of dyestuff.
- Correct machine delivery in all operating conditions.


The unit can work in a fully automatic manner or by manual selection. In both cases the tray containing the selected dyestuff is carried next to the weighing-trolley where a maximum of two electronic scales are connected to the COLORTEX computer through serial communication lines.
The operator can then identify the selected dyestuff by simply touching the microprocessor controller ID button according to Pozzi`s unique SAFETEX technology. At the end of the computer-controlled weighing-procedure, the operator will get a special electronic ID-tag, which can be used to identify the prepared recipe when needed, for instance when dissolving it at a SOLVITEX station.

The PATERNOSTER is built on a sturdy carbon steel frame that supports the rotating shelves. The number of shelves can vary according to the dimension of the unit chosen and each shelf can be loaded with a maximum of 800 kg.
On the front side of the rotating warehouse a stainless steel trolley, supporting the weighing computer and the scale, runs across the whole structure with the help of a motorised device.
The PATERNOSTER has been designed strictly following CE rules for safe machine operation: the mechanical protection is guaranteed by a series of photocells which detect dangerous movements of the operator.
The whole of the weighing-area is protected using suction devices that keep safe the environment where operator works. The unit is fully panelled and kept under light depression in order to prevent spreading into the environment the powders contained in the PATERNOSTER. The filtering group includes three membrane filters in which the last one is made in glass micro-fibres and collects dust up to 99,9 % accuracy before the air is exhausted.

The hardware movements are controlled by a PLC contained into a side panel including inverter and controls, for the soft start & stop of the shelves and the movable trolley. A complete industrial PC, with splash-proof keyboard and 14" colour LCD screen, is installed on the movable trolley. The unit can be completed with COLORTEX`s extensive recipe management system.


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