SAFETEX Identification systems


In order to guarantee the maximum safety on the dyehouse processes results, to reach important reduction of dead times and to track the operators actions, Pozzi developed the SAFETEX Technology.
This technology is currently applicable in three different production steps, with three different products; Safe-ID, Safe-RECIPE, and Safe-Weight.
In practice, the SAFETEX system is composed of special microprocessors, as big as a jacket button, capable of memorizing a wide amount of information. These "electronic" buttons are readable through a special device connected to a computer.
To be safe whenever a weighing operation is performed by one of the operators, the SAFE-Id product comes really handy. In order to access the weighing system, the operator should comply to the computer request of reading his personal identification button, otherwise there will be no permission to continue the operations.
About reliable weighing operations, every dyehouse should take into consideration the possibility of mismatching the dyestuff boxes during the pick up of the dyestuff from the stock. SAFE-Recipe is the perfect solution for this common problem. By applying an electronic button on each of the dyestuff boxes, the system will always be sure of whatever is going to be weighted. So, the operator will be requested by the system to supply the correct identification button for every dyestuff that will be used. If the operator gives a different electronic key, the system will not start the weighting operation.
Another problem could also arise in the next phase because, when the operator is going to dissolve the requested dyestuff for a particular batch, there is the possibility of using the wrong weighed material. The SAFE-Weight product will never allow this procedure.
By giving to the operator at the end of the weighing operation an electronic button that should be applied to the weighted dyestuff, we can guarantee that the correct dyestuff is delivered to the dissolving unit. In fact the dissolving unit is capable of reading the electronic button, and it will allow the insertion of the dyestuff only if the correct one is read. Otherwise the lid of the machine is not going to be opened.


the coded buttons


the batch tag system


the button reading terminal